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Mitre Fix - 2 Part Instant Fixing System

Maxi Mitre Fix will rapidly bond mitred joints made from MDF and similar materials. For kitchen installers, it's the perfect solution to the problem of neatly and rapidly joining cornices, gallery rails and other mitred joints.

Maxi Mitre Fix is so strong that you rarely need more than one or two drops per joint - used correctly, one pack will make 50 joints. Being a transparent liquid it is ideal for close fitting joints, making a clean, tight joint every time. There's no heating or mixing required with Maxi Mitre Fix either. It's instantly ready to use. Just spray activator on to one joint, apply a couple of drops of adhesive to the other, hold them together for 10 second s and job done - THE PERFECT JOINT WITHOUT ANY FUSS OR MESS!

Size Item Number Ctn. Qty. APN Barcode
EA (Box) MMF121118 6 9320529321118

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