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Pressroom specialties

Our range of "tool kit" products solves many day-to-day print problems

FOUNTAIN DRIER Cobalt drier for fountain solutions. Stimulates rapid drying on non-absorbent or difficult stocks such as recycled or chlorine-free. Available in 1L.
SYSTEM CLEANER A low foaming systems cleaner that kills algae and fungus and strips the ink out of fountain lines. Compatible with inks and fountain solution. Available in 5L.
ANTIFUNGAL SOLUTION Strong disinfecting bleach solution for rinsing out filters, fountain bottles and fountain lines. Kills fungus on contact. Nonresidual and nonfoaming. Available in 5L.
INK REMOVER An industry favourite since 1955. Quickly removes dried ink deposits from knives, back cylinders, floors etc. Available in 20L, 205L.
QUICKLEEN An economical ink remover for metal press parts, knives and back cylinders. Available in 20L, 205L.
LOW ODOUR INK REMOVER Milder, lower odour than Ink Remover. Effective on dried ink, ducts and path rollers. Available in 20L, 205L.
INK STRIPPER Convenient, gelled stripper for removing thick ink deposits from hard to get at places. Available in 1L.
PCC WASH Specialty cleaner for the rejuvenation of blankets and rollers that are heavily covered with paper coating/spray powder. PCC1 removes the water-soluble layers. Available in 5L, 20L.
368 DAMPER WASH Cloth covered dampener wash. Contains mild soaps and alcohols to deep clean damper covers and rinse cleanly away. Contains no petroleum distillates which cannot be disposed into sewers. Available in 5L, 20L.
AD 2000 A powerful detergent cleaner for use on floors and walls for removing grease and ink stains. Available in 5L, 20L.
MAXI LUBE Maxi Lube is useful as a lubricant for:

  • Rusty, frozen and tacky parts.
  • Lubricating and conditioning machinery
  • Protection againset rust and metal corrosion
Available in 400g.
STOP SET Non-toxic, antioxidant spray. Will leave the ink open overnight. Won't affect drying on the sheet. Available in 400g.
STARTUP SPRAY Detacking spray for sheet fed inks after prolonged press stops. Available in 400g.
PRINTERS SILICONE Light silicone oil lubricant for guillotine blades, stacking tables and light duty moving machine parts. Colourless, odourless and non-staining. Available in 400g.

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