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Technical information and previously published articles are listed below. For further information please contact G.S.B Chemical Co. Pty Ltd.

  • GSB buys Hurst (46kB)
    Specialist press chemical supplier, GSB Chemicals, has purchased Hurst graphics Australia from Rex and Carol Chater, 25 years after they started their business in 1981.
  • Tiny Margins Drive Chemistry R&D (76kB)
    R&D for press chemicals is looking into “better”— better for people to work with,better to the environment and better on the bottom line, as several suppliers and manufacturers.
  • It's All in the Chemistry (213kB)
    Press chemicals are becoming “nicer”for people to work with and to the environment.But it’s a natural evolution as the industry matures rather than a push by environmentalists or legislation.
  • A Question of Balance(13kB)
    New health and safety legislation is seen as a moral obligation by Melbourne company, GSB Chemicals.
  • Print Push Pays for GSB(8kB)
    A push on printing markets has enabled GSB Chemicals to increase sales in the industry from 30 to 50 per cent of its business in 12 months.
  • Offering a Customised Product(11kB)
    Melbourne-based manufacturer GSB Chemicals has had a long apprenticeship in the printing industry - since 1954, in fact.
  • Healthier All Round(6kB)
    What's healthy for press operators can also be healthy for their presses.
  • Treading the Machine Approvals Minefield(11kB)
    Machine approvals on press chemicals are complicated and vary from country to country
  • Spray, Wash and Go(7kB)
    Quiet achiever gets quite a lot done.
  • Making a Great Impression(10kB)
    The need for homegrown products has lead Melbourne based company GSB Chemicals to raise the bar in the manufacturing and servicing of press room chemicals.
  • The Right Mixture(11kB)
    The last PacPrint was five years ago and many changes have taken place especially with the industry's suppliers.

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